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HChem Post 10: Block Day 9/13-14/17

posted Sep 12, 2017, 4:58 PM by Monica Carter   [ updated Sep 15, 2017, 2:08 PM ]
Sig Fig and Sci. Notation Quiz Friday 9/15/17.
Quiz will include:
1) Identify # of Sig Figs
2) Change from Sci. Notation to Regular Notation and use correct Sig Figs.
3) Change from Regular Notation to Sci. Notation and use correct Sig Figs.
4) Do Calculations and put your answer in Sci. Notation or Regular Notation using correct Sig. Figs.

1) Welcome
We are correcting the hwk. so please get out your Unit 1 Sig. Figs & Sci. Notation Handout.
We also had our first "board meeting" and I stamped homework.

2) Movie/Lab on Mass and Volume
We watched the Powers of Ten. Here is a link to the video     Powers of Ten Video
and then did the Mass and Volume Lab.

3) Homework
 Sci. Notation Quiz Friday. I posted a review handout and video in Google classroom.