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HChem (Sem 2) Post 47: Friday 4/5/17 SPRING BREAK STARTS TOMORROW!!!!

posted Apr 3, 2017, 11:48 AM by Monica Carter
1) Welcome

I am collecting any donations for tie-dye. I will be ordering the supplies over break.

If you did not give me your Unit 7 Objectives/Review, Unit 7 Packet
Unit 7 Rearranging atoms Handout or your notebooks please give them to me now. I will be grading the paperwork over the break.

2) CAST Test Practice in the Library today. 
Please bring your belongings with you to the Library and we will be going over how this computer based district test works. You will be doing the actul test in May.

3) Homework: Have a great Spring Break!!! There is no chemistry homework :)