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Post 37: HChem Tuesday 10/25/16

posted Oct 25, 2016, 4:19 PM by Monica Carter
1) Welcome
We are learning about how pressure, volume, temperature, and "particles". 
Be sure to describe each relationship in your notebook because you will need to know 
how they relate to each other.

2) Classwork/Lab
Get your notebook and we are going over the following relationships:
    P and V    review from Friday
    P and n    Demo in class
    P and T    Demo in class
    V and T    Doing a quick labette in class.

3) Homework
Your Volume and Temperature Labette is due Block.
Remember we are making Smores on Block day. 
Please bring your Chocolate and graham crackers to class Block day.  
I will bring the Marshmallows and skewers.